Methods are executed based on events occurring during the view lifecycle.

Method Name Description Overloads
AddDataCache Build a DataCache from the results of a script.
AddDataTableRangeRows Adds rows to a DataTableRange's sheet range.
AddDefinedName Add a defined name.
AddProperty Add a property to the workbook script.
AddToken Add a token to the workbook script.
AddTokensForSubstVars Add tokens for Essbase substitution variables.
AddWorksheet Add a worksheet to the workbook.
BuildDataSetRange Builds a SQLPassthroughDataSetRange.
BuildRangeFromScript Build a range on a worksheet from the results of a script.
BuildView Build the view.
Calculate Calculates Excel formulas in the workbook.
CallWebService Makes an HTTP web request.
CancelEvent Set the value of the event that is running the procedure.
ClearRange Clear a specified range in the workbook.
Close Closes the view.
CloseApplication Closes the application.
CopyComments Copies comments from one or more sets of intersections to one or more other sets of intersections.
CopyRange Copy a specifed range in the workbook.
CopyWorksheet Copy a specified worksheet in the workbook.
DeleteBreak Deletes a page break or breaks from one or all sheets.
DeleteDataTableRangeRows Deletes rows from a DataTableRange's sheet range.
DeleteRange Delete cells from one or all sheets.
EssbaseConnect Connect an Essbase connection.
EssbaseCustomFunction Executes a custom Java service on the dodeca-essbase server using the specified arguments.
EssbaseDisconnect Disconnect an Essbase connection.
EssbaseKeepOnly Do an Essbase keep-only.
EssbaseMdxQuery Run an Essbase MDX query.
EssbasePivot Do an Essbase pivot.
EssbaseRemoveOnly Do an Essbase remove-only.
EssbaseReport Run an Essbase report.
EssbaseRetrieve Do an Essbase retrieve.
EssbaseRunCalc Run an Essbase calc.
EssbaseRunScript Run a script on the server using a specified command line.
EssbaseSend Do an Essbase send.
EssbaseSetOptions Set Essbase options.
EssbaseUpdate Do an Essbase update using a report spec.
EssbaseZoomIn Do an Essbase zoom-in.
EssbaseZoomOut Do an Essbase zoom-out.
ExecuteProcedure Execute a specified workbook script procedure.
ExitProcedure Exit the workbook script procedure if the Method condition evaluates to TRUE. If run CellByCell then a CellCondition of TRUE in any cell will exit the procedure.
ExportToExcel Export the view to an Excel file.
ForEach Execute a procedure for each value of a list or number range.
InsertBreak Insert a break or breaks into one or all sheets.
InsertRange Insert a range into one or all sheets.
LoadWorkbook Load a workbook from an Excel Binary Artifact.
MoveWorksheet Move a specified worksheet within the workbook.
OpenBinaryArtifact Open a specified binary artifact, using the default editor on the system.
OpenView Open a specified view.
Print Print Selection, Sheet, or Workbook.
Process Provides the ability to start a local process by specifying an application or document name.
PromptForInput Prompt the user for a value.
RefreshView Refresh the view.
RemoveDefinedName Remove a defined name.
RemoveProperty Remove a specified property from the workbook script.
RemoveToken Remove a specified token from the workbook script.
RemoveWorksheet Remove a specified worksheet from the workbook.
RenameWorkbook Renames a workbook.
RenameWorksheet Rename a specified worksheet in the workbook.
RepaintGrid Repaints the grid control.
ReplaceTokens Do token replacement.
SQLPassthroughExecute Executes a delimited list of SQL statements within a single server request.
SaveDataSetRange Saves changes, including added, deleted, and modified rows, for a SQLPassthroughDataSetRange.
SaveDataTableRangeRow Saves an added or modified row within a DataTableRange's sheet range.
SaveWorkbook Save the workbook to an Excel file.
SaveWorkbookAsPdf Save the workbook to a PDF.
SelectRange Select a specified range in the workbook.
SendEmail Send an e-mail message.
SetActiveSheet Make the specified sheet active.
SetActiveWorkbook Make the specified workbook active.
SetBorders Set the borders of cells.
SetCalculationOptions Set workbook calculation options.
SetChart Sets the specified properties of a chart. The chart is created if it doesn't exist.
SetColor Set the color of a specified Excel color palette index.
SetColumnWidth Set column widths.
SetComment Dodeca comments.
SetConditionalFormat Set or clear conditional formats.
SetControl Creates the specified Control if it doesn't exist, and sets the specified properties of it.
SetCover Set the value of the view's Cover property.
SetCursor Sets the Cursor as specified.
SetDataValidation Set or clear data validation.
SetEntry Enter a value or formula into a specified range in the workbook. Can also be used to clear cells or set the error value.
SetEventLink Set the value of an EventLink's Active property to control whether the EventLink's Procedure runs or not.
SetExcelComment Set, Add-to, or clear Excel comments from cell(s).
SetFill Set the fill colors and patterns of cells.
SetFont Set the font properties (font-name, color, size, etc.) of cells.
SetFormulaBar Sets whether the formula bar is visible.
SetHidden Set the Hidden property of rows, columns, or sheets to true or false.
SetHyperlink Create or clear hyperlinks in cells (web, e-mail, file, or address in the workbook).
SetImage Adds the specified Image with the specifed name and sets the specified properties. If the image/name already exists then the properties are modified.
SetLine Creates the specified Line if it doesn't exist, and sets the specified properties of it.
SetNumberFormat Set the number format of specific cells.
SetOutlineLevel Set outline/grouping level.
SetPageBreak Set page breaks to automatic, or add/clear print page breaks.
SetPageSetup Set the page setup options of one or all worksheets.
SetProgressText Set the progress text displayed at the bottom of the view.
SetProtection Set the protection properties of the workbook, worksheet, or specific cells.
SetRowHeight Set row heights.
SetSelector Sets the selected value(s) of the specified Selector.
SetSelectorConfiguration Adds, modifies, or removes a selector configuration before the view is displayed. This method should be called from either the AfterConstruct or BeforeInitializeUI event link.
SetShape Sets the specified properties of a Shape. The Shape is created if it doesn't exist.
SetTextAlignment Set the text alignment of cells.
SetTextBox Creates the specified TextBox if it doesn't exist, and sets the specified properties of it.
SetTool Shows or hides a tool in the toolbars, enables or disables a tool, and/or sets or clears the text of a TextBoxTool or the value of a ComboBoxTool.
SetToolbarVisible Sets the Visble property of the specified toolbar.
SetTracing Sets the tracing mode.
SetUDA Adds or removes one or more UDA's assigned to one or more members.
SetViewPropertyValue Set the value of a specified view property.
SetViewStatus Set the status-text and/or status-image of the view.
SetWorkbookOptions Set workbook options, including SaveLinkValues, ShowSheetTabs, ShowScrollBars, and DisplayObjects.
SetWorksheetOptions Set options to control the appearance and behavior of one or all worksheets.
ShowFileDialog Prompts the user to select a file to open (OpenFile) or select a location for saving a file (SaveFile).
ShowLoginDialog Show a login dialog, optionally setting property values from the result.
ShowMessageBox Show a message box, optionally setting a property value from the result.
ShowScriptDebugger Show the workbook script debugger dialog.
ShowSelectorControlAsDialog Show the selector treeview or listview control as a modal dialog.
SortRange Sort a specified range in the workbook.
ThrowException Throw a custom exception.
UnloadWorkbook Unload a workbook.
UpdateBinaryArtifact Updates a Binary Artifact with a new file.
UpdateSelectorCache Update the cache of selector values.
WriteLogMessage Writes a message to a log file.