Dodeca Version 6.2.2

April 19, 2012 - Build 3416

This version uses SpreadsheetGear 2010 (, NetAdvantage 2011, Volume 1 (11.1.20111.2042), and Aspose.Cells

Dodeca-essbase Service

  • The dodeca-essbase service is now available for Essbase and APS (#1084)

Essbase Excel Views

  • Fixed issue encountered with a cascaded Essbase Excel view when the SummarySheetAdd property is True and a sheet referenced by the (automatically generated) formulas on the summary sheet contains a single quote. (For instance, this could occur when a cascaded member name contains a single quote.) This issue results in the following error: Unable to build the view. Unable to do cascading. Unable to do build the cascade summary sheet. WorkbookViewControlImplementation.SetCellFormula failed. Invalid cell formula. (#1085)

Excel, Essbase Excel, and SQL Excel Views

  • Fixed issue encountered when the view contains a protected worksheet with Excel groups, and the row and column headings are not displayed. When the user attempts to expand or collapse a group, the "Operation cannot be performed on a protected worksheet" error is generated. (#1087)

    View Hierarchy Metadata Editor

  • The Add View and Insert View dialog, which allows the selection of one or more views, now supports sorting the View ID or View Name column by clicking the column header. (#1086)

Workbook Script Functions, Methods, Properties, and Event Links

  • Fixed issue with BuildRangeFromScript (all overloads) — When the EnterNumbersAsText argument is True, numeric values appear in the cell with a single quote in front of the number. (#1080)

  • Fixed issue with workbook script shared properties not being shared with the target view when using any the following tool controllers: (#1083)





  • SetHyperlink — E-Mail overload: Added the following optional arguments: CopyTo, BlindCopyTo, and Body. These arguments can be used to specify the recipient(s) to receive a copy of the email, the recipient(s) to receive a blind copy, and the content of the email, respectively. (#1082)

  • New Method: The WriteLogMessage method supports the ability to write messages to a log file from a workbook script. The method-specific arguments include the following:

    • Message — The message to write to the log.

    • IncludeTimestamp — If True, prepends the message with a timestamp.

    • Filename — The name of the file, which defaults to dodeca.log.

    • Folder — The folder to write the log file, which defaults to the user’s home directory. Note that the @SpecialFolder(<FolderID>) function can be used to return the directory path to a system special folder on the client. (#1081)