Dodeca Version 6.2.3

April 25, 2012 - Build 3425

This version uses SpreadsheetGear 2010 (, NetAdvantage 2011, Volume 1 (11.1.20111.2042), and Aspose.Cells

Adhoc Essbase Views

  • Fixed issue encountered when the retrieved Essbase data (including all members) is cleared from the view by the user, and then a cell that previously contained a member is double-clicked. This generates the following error: Unable to zoom in. Unable to perform Essbase Zoom In operation. Cell ranges must be passed to [EssGBeginZoomIn] (#1088)


  • Added a new Query setting, SQLStandardizationPolicy, which controls whether the dodeca service standardizes the SQL with respect to spaces (and spacing) within the statements. The full standardization performed by the service helps to prevent syntax errors related to spacing, which are generated by the JDBC drivers. (#1089)

    FullStandardization does the following:

    1. Replaces line feeds with a single space.

    2. Replaces tabs with a single space.

    3. Replaces any number of spaces followed by an @ parameter indicator character with a single space followed by an @ character.

    4. Replaces an opening parenthesis character, followed by any number of spaces, with an opening parenthesis character.

    5. Replaces any number of spaces, followed by a comma, with a comma character.

    6. Replaces a comma character followed by any number of spaces, with a comma character.

    7. Replaces a comma character with a comma character followed by a single space.