Dodeca Version 6.5.0

March 26, 2013 - Build 3872

This version uses SpreadsheetGear 2012 (, NetAdvantage 2011, Volume 1 (11.1.20111.2042), and Aspose.Cells

The release notes for this version contain the following sections:

Application (and Dodeca Service)

Dodeca Essbase Service

SpreadsheetGear Upgrade

Toolbars Configuration Metadata Editor

Workbook Script Functions, Methods, Properties, and Event Links

Application (and Dodeca Service)

  • To allow for reducing the request/response traffic between the client and the Dodeca metadata service, the CheckForMetadataUpdatesFrequencyPolicy setting was added to the application settings.


The first time a given metadata instance, such as a view hierarchy, a selector list, a view, a toolbars configuration, etc., is used by the client, the metadata is downloaded to the client. The CheckForMetadataUpdatesFrequencyPolicy setting controls at what point the client requests information from the server that is used by the client to determine whether a given metadata instance has been updated on the server and needs to be re-downloaded to the client.

The policy options include the following:

CheckForMetadataUpdatesOnUse - The client sends a request to the server (to determine whether a given metadata instance needs to be re-downloaded) at the point at which the metadata instance is used. This option results in the most traffic between the client and the server, but allows for the end user to see changes made to the metadata more immediately than with the other options. In general, this option is not recommended, even for an Admin application.*

CheckForMetadataUpdatesOnViewOpen - The client sends a request (to get the information for all metadata instances) at session startup AND when a view is opened. This is the default option. It significantly reduces the traffic between the client and the server as compared to the CheckForMetadataUpdatesOnUse option. If an administrator modifies any of the metadata used by a given view, the changes are seen by an end user the next time the view is opened.

CheckForMetadataUpdatesOnSessionStartUp - The client requests the information only at startup. This option results in the least amount of traffic between the client and the server. It is an appropriate option for an application in production for which the metadata is not being modified.

*An Admin application requests the information based on the policy, but ALSO requests the information immediately after metadata is committed through a metadata editor, a wizard, or any client user-interface that supports editing and committing or importing metadata. This allows an administrator to immediately see the changes reflected in the client. For instance, if an administrator commits changes to a view hierarchy, and then refreshes the view selector, the view selector will reflect the changes.

Dodeca Essbase Service

  • Fixed Issue: In certain circumstances, as described below, the service returned one of the following error messages:

    "The row or column ID is outside the bounds of the grid exception."

    "The row or column ID cannot be negative."

    Resolution: The issue was traced to the Dodeca audit logging functionality and replicated using worksheets with column fields where the member names are placed exclusively towards the left end or the right end of the send range. The algorithm, which is used to determine the related members in the datapoint, was modified to perform bounds checking when examining the internal Essbase grid array. (#1170)

    SpreadsheetGear Upgrade

  • This release includes an upgrade from SpreadsheetGear 2010 ( to SpreadsheetGear 2012 ( The new version includes the addition of the following Excel functions:



    • SUMIFS



    • CELL


SpreadsheetGear now supports 398 of Excel’s 2010 financial, date, time, text, lookup, math, trigonometry, statistical, database, engineering, information, and logical functions. The complete list of the Excel functions supported by SpreadsheetGear can be found at:

Toolbars Configuration Metadata Editor

  • Fixed Issue: In the Configure Tools dialog, when a tool controller is selected from the dropdown list for a tool that is not already assigned a tool controller, the tag is getting set to null, which removes any existing argument values. This occurs when a toolbars configuration is imported and the mapping of the tool to the tool controller has to be re-configured. (#1172)

Workbook Script Functions, Methods, Properties, and Event Links

  • All of the Essbase workbook script DataPoint functions, such as @DPIsReadOnly(), and MemberCell functions, such as @MemberCellIsParent(), were modified to support being called by AdhocEssbase and ScriptEssbase views. (The functions were previously only supported for ExcelEssbase views.)