Drill-through Deployment

There are numerous ways to configure and deploy drill-through functionality, depending on which product(s) you are using.

Deploy Drill-through Definitions to Essbase

Drill-through definitions can be deployed directly from Drillbridge to Essbase 11.x. Drill-through definitions can be deployed to Essbase 21.x if you have upgraded your Essbase JAR files for Drillbridge. Alternatively, the drill-through definitions can be edited using EAS.

Deploy Drill-through Definitions to PBCS (EPM Cloud)

Drill-through definitions must be added to the cube by going in to the Rules UI ands navigating to the cube properties. These are essentially the same drill-through definitions as used in Essbase but the only way to get to them is through the PBCS UI (as opposed to the Java API, MaxL, or REST API).

Creating a Drill-through Definition in EPM Cloud Reports using Drill to Content

You can create drill-through in an EPM Cloud Report using the Drill to Content capabilities of a grid in an EPM Cloud report. These drill definitions are specific to EPM Cloud Reports. This drill-through type only works with Drillbridge 3.4.14 and higher.

  1. Log in to EPM Cloud

  2. Navigate to Reports (top-left/hamburger menu, then Reports)

  3. Click on a report to open it

  4. Click on the pencil icon to go to design mode for the report

  5. Select a grid object in the report that you want to use drill-through with

  6. Click on its pencil icon to edit it

  7. Click on the top left cell of the grid to select the entire grid. This is the grey box below the box that is below the first member in the POV. In other words, if the first member of the POV row is Year, there is a grey box below that, and then an actual grid below that. You want to skip that first grey box and click on the one directly below it.

  8. Click on the link/chain tab (the rightmost tab in the properties panel to the right), revealing the Drill to Content editor.

  9. Click on + to add a new Drill to Content definition or edit an existing one.

  10. Give it a name (this is the name that will be shown in the drill-through popup), a description, select Web URL, check Include Point of View, and then specify a URL to the Drillbridge sever. You can use the same URL you use for regular drill-through deployments, such as http://drillbridgeserver:9220/drill/2/v2?sso=$SSO_TOKEN$&$ATTR(ds,id,pos,gen,level.edge)$

  11. Click OK and then Save/Close as appropriate to close the dialogs and save these changes.

Drill-through should be now be active for cells in the grid.