Essbase Scripts

Use the Essbase Scripts editor to create and test MDX queries, report scripts, calc scripts, and member queries.

The Essbase Scripts editor features color coding of keywords, autocompletion, assistance to insert tokens, test tokens, and the ability to run the query or calc directly from within the editor.


Use the EssbaseScriptID to execute MDX, report scripts, calc scripts, and member queries in Workbook Script instead of writing the script text into the Workbook Script

Several workbook script methods have arguments for both the EssbaseScriptID and for ScriptText properties. The reason for this is that scripts were not originally a standalone metadata object in Dodeca. Essbase Scripts were introduced in Dodeca 7.3 in order to make it easier to author, edit, and test Essbase related scripts and to promote script reuse.


The ScriptText property was retained for backwards compatibility and also provides the ability to build a script programmatically during workbook script execution.