Dodeca Version 7.8.5

September 01, 2020 - Build 7321

This version of the Dodeca uses the .NET Framework, version 2.0, Service Pack 1 and higher on the desktop. The components used in this version of Dodeca are SpreadsheetGear 2017 (, NetAdvantage 2011, Volume 1 (11.1.20111.2042), Aspose.Cells, Syncfusion Essential Studio, and GdPicture.NET 11.0.6.

SpreadsheetGear 2017 was upgraded from to

This version of Dodeca has two server-side services that run inside a Java Application Server. The Dodeca service is supported and tested on Java 1.6. The Dodeca-Essbase service for all Essbase versions prior to, and including, Essbase are supported and tested on Java 1.5. The Dodeca-Essbase service for all Essbase versions and higher is supported and tested on Java 1.6. Both services are known to run on Java 1.7, 1.8, 1.9, and 1.10.

This release contains the following changes:

Application - User Creation

Application Styling

  • Fixed Issue: In Sign On and Set Active Essbase Connection control, the background in the Sign On section does not reflect the application styling. #2547

Essbase Excel View

  • Fixed Issue with Cascade view, when the cascade source is an MDX query.

    For each cascade item, which represents a contributing member for a given cascade sheet, several tokens are created and can be used on the sheet or in the format of the sheet name. For example, if the contributing Product member is Cola and Product is the first selector cascade source and the view is using aliases, the tokens consist of the following: [T.Product] = Cola, [T.Member.1] = 100, [T.Alias.1] = Cola, [T.DisplayText.1] = Cola.

    And, if the Product selector’s associated selector list’s TokenForMemberNameAndAlias is True, [T.Product.Name] and [T.Product.Alias] tokens are also created.

    When the cascade source is an MDX script, the assignment of the token values are determined by the Identifier Type and Alias Table Name specified in the view’s CascadeSources settings. For example, using the Year dimension in the Sample.Basic database as an example, when the Identifier Type as Name and no Alias Table Name is specified, the token values are [T.Year] = Jan, [T.Member.1] = Jan, [T.Alias.1] = Jan, and [T.DisplayText.1] = Jan.


    When the Identifier Type as Name and the Alias Table Name is Long Names, the token values are [T.Year] = Jan, [T.Member.1] = Jan, [T.Alias.1] = January, and [T.DisplayText.1] = Jan.

    When the Identifier Type as Alias and the Alias Table Name is Long Names, the token values are [T.Year] = January, [T.Member.1] = Jan, [T.Alias.1] = January, and [T.DisplayText.1] = January.

    These tokens can be used within the context of the cascade sheet for token replacement and the construction of the sheet name, for example, but the view’s UseAliases and AliasTable settings determine the values retrieved and presented within the retrieve range(s).

    The issue addressed when the cascade source is an MDX script, is that in previous versions, all of the primary tokens values reflect the member name regardless of the settings, instead of as described above. #2562

Essbase Selector Tree

  • The Find functionality available in the Essbase Selector Tree has been enhanced to match any member name or alias containing the specified text. In previous versions, the matched member names or aliases included only those starting with the specified text. #2522

    For example, in previous versions, searching for cola returns only Cola and Colas. In 7.8.5, Caffeine Free Cola, and Diet Cola are also returned.


Excel Behavior

  • Fixed Issue with Drag/Fill - The following error was encountered when freeze panes were enabled and the user attempted to perform a drag/fill operation on a protected sheet, although none of the cells within the fill range were locked: Operation is not valid on locked cells. #2578

JNDI Connections for Essbase

  • Essbase JNDI was introduced in Dodeca in the JNDI Connections for Essbase section. The Release Notes included a listing of the parameters that could be defined for an Essbase JNDI connection definition; however, one parameter was documented incorrectly. The parameter documented as apsServer should instead be apsUrl. A properly defined Tomcat context.xml entry is shown below: #2575


Relational (SQL) View

  • Fixed Issue: In a SQL Excel (or Excel Essbase View), when auto-filtering is enabled and a row (or rows) is added or inserted into a data table range, if the row above the added or inserted row(s) is filtered, formulas within the data table and data block ranges are not copied to the new row(s). #2536

  • Fixed Issue: When a view utilizes two queries in a SQLPassthroughDataSet and the first query has an InsertSQL, but the second query does not, the first query’s InsertSQL is processed as part of the second query. When attempting to save modifications to a row(s) in both of the data table ranges in the view, an error similar to the following occurs: Unable to determine the JDBC parameter type for the parameter CPM_SALES at parameter index 5. JDBC error reported: Unsupported feature: CheckValidIndex.

    This only occurs in when using Oracle SQL. #2518

SQLPassthroughDataSet Metadata Editor

  • In previous releases, when the Query Editor is opened, the Columns, PrimaryKey, and SelectSQLParameters properties are automatically expanded. Since these properties do not tend to be edited or reviewed after being defined, the Query Editor behavior has been changed to display these properties as collapsed. #2560


SQL Selectors

  • Enhancement: SQL Selector Tree - The Item Selection filters for the SQL Selector Tree have been enhanced with the inclusion of a HasChildren filter to allow items to be designated selectable/non-selectable on the basis of having children. This allows the tree to be more easily configured to allow or disallow the selection of bottom-level items. #2534

Workbook Script Editor

  • Fixed Issue: In version, the ability to copy and paste a workbook script as text was introduced. An issue with using paste to copy the text representation of a method with an incomplete list of arguments or with a missing overload has been addressed. To correct the behavior, any missing arguments are added based on the overload, and if the overload is missing, the default overload is used. #2544

  • Default overloads have been added for the following methods: #2529

    Method Default Overload















Workbook Scripting

  • SetUDA Method

    For the SetUDA method, when a member name is used for the MemberName argument value, the member name must be enclosed in quotation marks when it contains any of the following: Spaces, Number characters (0-9), Dashes (minus signs, hyphens), Plus signs, Ampersands (&). Without the quotation marks, an error is returned from the server.

    The error message in previous versions, Error parsing formula for [REGION DEFINITION] (line 0): Invalid object type), which was followed by a lengthy stack trace in the Message Details, has been replaced with Unable to execute query for member(s) '<member name(s)>'. #2561

  • Fixed Issue with the BuildRangeFromScript method encountered when using the new DoInsert argument. The range being inserted into is not expanded correctly if the CopyFrom range has more than one row or column. #2539

  • Fixed Issue with EssbaseMdxQuery method when an ExcelEssbaseView’s AutoAddRetrieveSubRanges property is True, and the MDX query run by the EssbaseMdxQuery method returns no rows, the following error occurs: Unable to execute the Essbase MDX query. Unable to perform Essbase post-MDX query event processing. EssbaseSpreadsheetGear.AddDefinedRange failed. Specified argument was out of the range of valid values. Parameter name: Row must be between 0 and 1048575. #2530

  • Fixed Issue with AddDataCache.EssbaseMembersPerRelationship method overload, which does not return the aliases associated with the alias table specified as the AliasTableName argument. #2288

  • Fixed Issue with SQLPassthroughExecute method, which occurs when the SQLConnectionID argument references a SQL connection that is configured with a DataSource in order to use JNDI. This results in the following error: Argument driverClass may not be null or zero-length. If the DriverClass is specified for the SQL connection, another error occurs indicating that the URL cannot be blank. #2574

  • Fixed Issue with AddDataCache.EssbaseMembersPerRelationship method overload: An improper member set is returned when the Relationship argument is set to Ancestors. #2351

  • Modified the EssbaseSend.Range method overload to update the status to show the StatusTextReady text and the progress text as "Send completed". The original implementation of the method updated the status, but this was removed in a previous version. #2577