Dodeca Version 8.3.4

January 18, 2024 - Build 42

This version of the Dodeca uses the .NET Framework, version 4.7.2 and higher on the desktop. The components used in this version of Dodeca are SpreadsheetGear 2017 (, NetAdvantage 2021, Volume 2 (21.2.46), Aspose.Cells 22.10.1, Syncfusion Essential Studio, GdPicture.NET, Microsoft WebView2 1.0.1722.45, and Xceed Zip 3.6.7363.15420.

This version of Dodeca has two server-side services that run inside a Java Application Server. The Dodeca service is supported and tested on Java 1.8. The Dodeca-Essbase service for all Essbase versions prior to, and including, Essbase are supported and tested on Java 1.5. The Dodeca-Essbase service for all Essbase versions and higher is supported and tested on Java 1.6. Both services are known to run on Java 1.7, 1.8, 1.9, and 1.10.

The release notes for this version contain the following items:

Comment Range Editor

  • Fixed Issue: When editing a workbook with large number of defined names in the View Template Designer, the Comment Range Editor's Address dropdown can take an extremely long time to open and lock the UI indefinitely. #3457

Dodeca Shell

  • Security Fix: The version of the jackson-databind Java library has been upgraded to 2.16.1 to remediate CVE-2019-17267. #3625

EPM Cloud Planning Connector

  • In Dodeca 8.3.4 and higher, when utilizing DeviceCode (OAuth) authentication, the end-user is only be prompted to reauthorize when a connection attempt fails due to an expired or otherwise invalid token. In previous releases, the user would be prompted to reauthorize when a connection attempt failed for any reason. #3610

Essbase Authentication

  • Fixed Issue: When an Essbase connection is configured to use an upstream authentication provider for single sign-on to Essbase, i.e. the AuthenticationMode is set to ImpersonationViaAuthenticationProvider and there is an upstream provider registered for the application, end-users are still prompted to provide credentials. This issue was introduced in 8.3.3. #3631

Essbase Views

  • Fixed Issue: When a SQLPassthroughDataSet in an Essbase Excel view contains records with whitespace-only values, the Dodeca client can incorrectly report that unsaved changes are present (when no changes have been made), and update whitespace-only values with column default values when changes are saved. #3605

Selectors Metadata Editor

  • Fixed Issue: When closing the Selectors Metadata Editor with unsaved changes, the administrator is not prompted with an opportunity to save changes. This issue was introduced in 8.1.0. #3449


  • Fixed Issue: When calling a stored procedure of an Oracle database, if any of the parameter values are given as a literal value, i.e., {call FOO (@Bar, 'Something')}, an error similar to the following occurs: Unable to update DataSetRange '<DataSetRangeName>'. Unable to update the SQLPassthroughDataSet '<SQLPassthroughDataSetID>'. no details. #3638

  • Fixed Issue: When querying a BLOB from an Oracle database, a ClassCastException can occur, causing the SQLPassthroughDataSet query to fail. #3628

SQL Connections Metadata Editor

  • Fixed Issue: The order of the properties displayed by the SQL Connections Metadata Editor have changed from logical ordering, i.e., Username, Password, to alphabetical ordering. This issue was introduced in 8.3.0. #3601

Workbook Scripting

  • Fixed Issue: The EssbaseMdxQuery method ignores the ConnectionID argument and uses the view’s EssbaseConnectionID property instead. This issue was introduced in 8.3.0. #3626

  • Fixed Issue: When calling the EssbaseRetrieve method on a sheet with an apostrophe in its name, an exception occurs. #3465

  • Fixed Issue: When an AliasTable/AliasTableName argument is provided to any of the various Workbook Script functions that return member information from Essbase, under some circumstances, the requested alias table can be ignored or an exception similar to the following can occur: Workbook Script function failed: […​] Illegal alias table. #3634

  • Fixed Issue: The PowerPointOperations.OpenFile method overload does not set a workbook script property with FullFilePathPropertyName when given. #3643

  • Fixed Issue: The AddProperty method throws an exception when the property type is explicitly given via the DataType argument. #3599

  • Fixed Issue: The DeleteRange method does not clear the range info associated with and tracked internally by an Essbase view. This can result in unexpected behavior, e.g., all or part of a deleted range can be restored after a subsequent operation. #3609

  • Fixed Issue: The BeforeCommentSaved/AfterCommentSaved events do not support the @EPVal(KeyHash) function as the documentation indicates. The same was done for the BeforeCommentDeleted/AfterCommentDeleted events. #3600

  • Added a ClearCredentials argument to the EssbaseDisconnect method. If ClearCredentials is set to TRUE, then the cached username and password for the specified connection will be cleared and will have to be re-entered by the user on the next attempt to connect. The default value for ClearCredentials is FALSE. #3608

  • Added an ExitCode argument to the CloseApplication method. The ExitCode can be set to an integer value, which causes the process to return a specific exit code to any calling process. The default value for ExitCode is 0. #3598

  • The Path function has a new Operation argument value, CanRead, which causes the function to return True or False, depending on whether the specified path exists and can be read by the user. #3597

    @Path(CanRead, <Path>)