Dodeca Version 8.0.4

November 16, 2021 - Build 37

This version of Dodeca uses the .NET Framework, version 4.7.2 and higher on the desktop. The components used in this version of Dodeca are SpreadsheetGear 2017 (, NetAdvantage 2020, Volume 2 (20.2.30), Aspose.Cells 19.5.0, Syncfusion Essential Studio, GdPicture.NET, and Xceed Zip 3.6.7363.15420.

This version of Dodeca has two server-side services that run inside a Java Application Server. The Dodeca service is supported and tested on Java 1.8. The Dodeca-Essbase service for all Essbase versions prior to, and including, Essbase are supported and tested on Java 1.5. The Dodeca-Essbase service for all Essbase versions and higher is supported and tested on Java 1.6. Both services are known to run on Java 1.7, 1.8, 1.9, and 1.10.

The release notes for this version contain the following sections:


Application and View Culture

  • Fixed Issue: When the application CulturePolicy is set to UseSpecifiedCulture and the CultureName matches the operating system’s display language but not the region used for numbers, dates, times, and list separators, the application fails to set the specified culture. #3022

  • Fixed Issue: When a view’s culture differs from the application culture, PDF documents created from the workbook are rendered using the application’s culture. When combined with the above, the operating system’s regional culture could be used. #3024

  • Fixed Issue: When a view’s CulturePolicy is set to UseWindowsCulture, the application culture rather than the system culture is used. #3023

ClickOnce Prep Utility

  • Fixed Issue: When saved settings are retrieved, the message panel remains blank and does not display messages while the servlet is being constructed. #2955

Essbase Connector

  • Fixed Issue: The 8x Dodeca Essbase Connector fails to deploy successfully in Websphere. #2992

Essbase Scripts Editor

  • Fixed Issue: In the Essbase Scripts Editor Test Script dialog, when the QueryType is ReportScript and the UseAliases Test Property is True, if the specified AliasTable is an alternate alias table (i.e. not the Default alias table), aliases are not returned in the results. #3008

    Similarly, an issue was fixed when the QueryType is MemberQuery and an alternate alias table is specified; however, the UseAliases property does not determine whether aliases are returned. The member query must contain the following line in order for aliases to be returned:


Essbase Views

  • Fixed Issue: When an Essbase view’s EssProperties.UseSmartLists property is set to True either in the view’s metadata or by the user in the Essbase Options dialog, and the retrieve range contains a large number of members that are Text or Date Measures, but are not assigned a value (i.e. are Missing), the retrieve will be significantly slower than when the members are assigned a value.

    While the issue has been addressed for the case when the EssProperties.UseSmartLists property is set to True, if the EssProperties.UseSmartLists_ShowDropDownList property is also set to True, given the same conditions, the retrieval will again be significantly slower. #3019

SQL Passthrough DataSets

  • Fixed Issue: When a Query.InsertSQL statement contains a post-insert Select statement, which returns a column declared in the database as a Date, the value returned from the server is a DateTime. This issue was introduced in #3020


  • Fixed Issue: When attempting to save a view using the Save (View) tool, the following error occurs: You do not have permission to overwrite the existing saved view. This issue was introduced in #3007

Workbook Script Tracing

  • Fixed Issue: When running a view with workbook script tracing enabled, an error which contains the following may occur: SpreadsheetGear.IWorkbookSet.GetLock must be called to acquire a lock on the workbook set. #2978

Workbook Scripting

  • Fixed Issue with SendEmail method: For the General and ServletSMTP overloads, when the AttachView argument is TRUE, the following error occurs: Unable to send mail. Sequence contains no matching element. This issue was introduced in #3011