Excel Add-In Version 7.7.0

July 11, 2019 - Build 6870

The supported versions of Excel include the following: Excel 2010, Excel 2013, and Excel 2016. Although not explicitly supported, there are currently no known issues when using the add-in with Excel 2007.

The supported versions of Essbase include 9.3.0 and higher.

This release contains the following changes:

CSV Files

  • Fixed Issue: When a CSV file is the first and only file opened in Excel, retrieve operations cannot be performed using the mouse. #2301

  • Fixed Issue: When a CSV UTF8 file is open and active in Excel, most of the Dodeca Add-In for Exxbase ribbon controls are grayed out. #2302

Dodeca Spreadsheet Management System Integration

The Dodeca Spreadsheet Management System (DSMS) supports the ability to perform a standard retrieve operation on a named retrieve range without requiring the user to select the range. This capability also allows for multiple retrieves to be performed on a single worksheet by simply clicking the Retrieve button. Similarly, a send operation can be performed on a named send range or multiple send ranges on the same worksheet.

The DSMS also allows for a specific Essbase database to be associated with a given named retrieve or send range, which allows for retrieving from or sending to multiple Essbase databases on the same worksheet. For this capability, the Essbase connection information must exist in the Dodeca Metadata Repository.

To provide better integration between the DSMS and the Dodeca Excel Add-in for Essbase, the ability to leverage this functionality within the Add-In is being introduced in this release. When a DSMS user saves a view to Excel, opens a view in Excel, or exports a view to Excel from the Dodeca client, the workbook is enabled to automatically allow for the retrieves and sends to be performed using the named retrieve and send ranges that conform to the Dodeca client naming conventions.

Although the Dodeca Spreadsheet Management System supports named retrieve and send ranges that are defined at either the workbook or sheet level, only names defined at the sheet level are recognized by the Add-In.

Any named retrieve or send range that has an associated Essbase connection metadata ID, stored in the workbook as a named constant, is recognized by the Dodeca Add-In and the connection information is obtained from the appropriate tenant in the metadata repository. The tenant is the same as the tenant associated with the Dodeca application from which the Excel file was saved, opened, or exported. The tenant is automatically stored in the workbook as a workbook-level named constant, Essbase.Connection.Tenant.

In addition to standard retrieve and send operations, other retrieve operations, including zoom in and out, keep and remove only, and pivot can be performed within a named retrieve range. The named retrieve range is automatically adjusted to accommodate the newly retrieved data; however, other data, including other ranges, on the sheet may be affected, since cells are added or removed to resize only the named retrieve range within which operation is being performed.

For customers who currently only use the Dodeca Add-In, the ability to perform multiple retrieves or sends on the same worksheet from or to the same database is also supported and represents a significant enhancement.

To enable this capability for a workbook that was not saved from a DSMS client, named retrieve and send ranges can be added to the workbook. The names of ranges must conform to the DSMS naming convention, and must be defined as a sheet-level name.

For a named retrieve range, the required format of the name is Ess.Retrieve.Range.<ID>, where the ID uniquely identifies the named range within the same scope. Similarly, the format of the name of a send range is Ess.Send.Range.<ID>.

Named Retrieve Range

The Retrieve Sheets with Named Retrieve Ranges button supports retrieving all worksheets which contain named retrieve ranges. Other worksheets are skipped. If the connection information for a given retrieve range is not stored as a named constant in the workbook, the active or default Essbase connection is used.

Retrieve Sheets with Named Ranges

#1933, #1961

Essbase Calculations

  • On the Essbase Calculations dialog, the Run calculation in the background checkbox was moved to above the Run Calculation button. #1896

    Essbase Calculations Checkbox
  • Fixed Issue: When a calculation script references MS1252 encoding, the following error occurs: Unable to run calculation. MS1252 #2273

  • In addition, a new option is now supported, which controls whether a message box is displayed when the calculation either fails or successfully completes. #1895

    Essbase Calculations Notification

Essbase Operations History Settings

  • Fixed Issue: When the system’s font size is larger than the default or standard font size, the Essbase Operations History Settings dialog does not scale properly. #2209


    Essbase Operations History Scaling

Essbase Options

  • Fixed Issue: In the Essbase Options task pane, the Alias Table selection is not retained when the selected item appears in the dropdown list below the lower edge of the pane. This is still a known issue, although the likelihood of encountering this behavior has been reduced. As an alternative, the Alias Table can be selected in the ribbon Alias Table dropdown, and the selection will be reflected in the task pane. #2284

License Validation

  • Enhancement: When the dodeca metadata servlet is unreachable or otherwise unavailable (for example, when the user is offline or the application server is offline for maintenance), but the user has previously been authorized to use the Dodeca Excel Add-In, the add-in will remain enabled for a period of seven days from the last authorization. If the status bar is visible or the user is allowed to turn it on and off from the ribbon, a status message will be displayed upon launch, but the Dodeca Excel Add-In will remain enabled. #2190

    License Server Unavailable
  • Enhancement: In previous releases, when the dodeca metadata servlet was unavailable, end-users were unable to access the Dodeca Excel Add-In, even if the configured dodeca-essbase servlet was available. In this release, support has been added for specifying one or more additional metadata servlets as fallback licensing servers. These fallback servers can be specified in the AppliedOLAP.Dodeca.ExcelAddInForEssbase.dll.config, as in the following example. #2190

    <!-- Dodeca Service Configuration
         [...] If desired, the fallbackLicensingServers block can be used to specify any
         number of fallback licensing servers that are used (in the order provided) when
         the deploymentURL is inaccessible or unavailable.
         This is an example of a valid fallbackLicensingServers configuration:
             <server url="http://localhost:13080/dodeca2" />
             <server url="http://remotehost:13080/dodeca" />
             <server url="http://remotehost:13080/dodeca2" />
      <deploymentURL url="" />
        <server url="https://localhost:8443/dodeca2" />
        <server url="http://remotehost:8080/dodeca" />
        <server url="http://remotehost2:13080/dodeca" />

Recent Connections

  • Enhancement: Add the ability to clear the list of recent Essbase connections from the ribbon’s Recent connections dropdown list. The ability to clear recent connections is valuable when a large number of connections have been used or when the use of one or more connections was temporary. #1986

    Clear Recent Connections

Sign On Task Pane

  • Fixed Issue: When the system’s font size is larger than the default or standard font size, the Sign On task pane does not scale properly. #2210


    Sign On Task Pane Scaling

Miscellaneous Fixes

  • Fixed Issue: A customer reported the following error when attempting to zoom by double-clicking during a Skype for Business conference call on Windows 10 using Excel 2016: Unable to zoom in. Unable to perform Essbase Zoom In operation. Unable to send the request. Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Verify URL <dodeca-essbase servlet path> is valid and the servlet is running. #2214