Excel Add-In Version 8.3.3

October 30, 2023 - Build 84

The supported versions of Excel include the following: Excel 2013, Excel 2016, Excel 2019, Excel 2021, and Microsoft 365 Excel for Windows Desktop.

The supported versions of Essbase include 9.3.0 and higher.

This release contains the following changes:

Essbase Connections

  • Fixed Issue: When the Add-In is configured to use stateful connections, closing Excel or pressing the Sign Off button on the Sign On Task Pane does not always disconnect the corresponding Essbase connections on the server.

    Since connections in the Dodeca Excel Add-In are shared among all instances of Excel running at one time, the behavior of the Dodeca-Essbase connector has been changed such that the collection of Excel instances is provided a dedicated Essbase connection pool. When the last Excel instance is closed, each connection associated with the Excel process is disconnected (and the dedicated connection pool is disposed). Connections with elevated permissions, which are used for certain privileged operations, are now marked as stateless and automatically disconnected after the privileged operation is complete. #3503