Artifact Dependency Command

View Artifact Dependencies

You can view the dependencies (artifacts that a given artifact depends on) with by using the view-dependencies command and specifying the artifact:

dshell/SAMPLE:>view-dependencies IncStmt VIEW 1

Example output:

dshell/SAMPLE:>view-dependencies IncStmt VIEW 1
has root (VIEW/1) IncStmt
	has Essbase connection (ESSBASE_CONNECTION/1) Sample.Basic
	has selector (SELECTOR/1) 4_Market
	has selector (SELECTOR/1) 3_Product
	has selector (SELECTOR/1) 5_Scenario
	has selector list (SELECTOR_LIST/1) Market_Tree_AutoOpen
	has selector list (SELECTOR_LIST/1) Product_Tree_AutoOpen
	has selector list (SELECTOR_LIST/1) Scenario_Combo
	has mergeable toolbar (TOOLBARS_CONFIGURATION/1) View Main
	has view toolbar (TOOLBARS_CONFIGURATION/1) Essbase View Standard Limited
	has Excel template (GENERAL/1) IncStmt

You may run a reverse dependency search to determine what depends on a given artifact. For example, in the previous example we can see that the IncStmt view has a dependency on an Excel binary artifact of the same name (with type GENERAL). Therefore, in this case we would expect that if we search for what depends on this Excel template, we will at least see our view.

We can use the depends-on command to perform this search, such as the following:

dshell/SAMPLE:>depends-on IncStmt GENERAL 1

We may see something like the following output:

(GENERAL/1) IncStmt
	has Excel template (VIEW/1) IncStmt