Dodeca Version 8.0.1

July 16, 2021 - Build 37

This version of Dodeca uses the .NET Framework, version 4.7.2 and higher on the desktop. The components used in this version of Dodeca are SpreadsheetGear 2017 (, NetAdvantage 2020, Volume 2 (20.2.30), Aspose.Cells 19.5.0, Syncfusion Essential Studio, GdPicture.NET, and Xceed Zip 3.6.7363.15420.

This version of Dodeca has two server-side services that run inside a Java Application Server. The Dodeca service is supported and tested on Java 1.8. The Dodeca-Essbase service for all Essbase versions prior to, and including, Essbase are supported and tested on Java 1.5. The Dodeca-Essbase service for all Essbase versions and higher is supported and tested on Java 1.6. Both services are known to run on Java 1.7, 1.8, 1.9, and 1.10.

The release notes for this version contain the following sections:

Application - Floating View and Metadata Editor Windows

  • The ability to maximize and restore a floating window has been added to the capability introduced in 8.0. #2840

Application Metadata Editor

  • Fixed Issue - In the Application Metadata Editor, when an application’s Name is changed, the Commit Selected and Commit All tools do not become enabled. #2854

Audit Logging

  • Fixed Issue: The Metadata Audit Logging and Essbase Data Audit Logging do not work in the 8.0 release. #2679

ClickOnce Prep Utility

  • Fixed Issue - When generating a deployment with the ClickOnce Prep Utility, updating the ApplicationName property to a non-default value produces an error similar to the following: Could not find file 'AppliedOLAP.Dodeca.SmartClient.exe.config.deploy'. This issue was introduced in #2867


  • Fixed Issue: The Comment audit logging, introduced in, did not log comment deletions. #2866

  • Fixed Issue: When using the Comments Explorer, the Delete Comment tool can never be enabled. This issue was introduced in #2869

  • Fixed Issue: When multiple asynchronous views with comments are building simultaneously, an error similar to the following can occur: Error setting up comments. Unable to process CommentsQuery request. Cannot access a closed Stream. #2855

Import Metadata

  • Fixed Issue: When importing metadata, if the No button is clicked in the Overwrite Existing Artifact? dialog to indicate the current existing artifact should not be imported, and this is done for 20 to 30+ artifacts, the message text gradually shifts down and covers the buttons. #2848

PDF View

  • As documented by Adobe, a PDF Portfolio contains multiple files assembled into an integrated PDF unit. The files in a PDF Portfolio can be in a wide range of file types created in different applications. For example, a PDF Portfolio can include text documents, e-mail messages, spreadsheets, CAD drawings, and PowerPoint presentations. The original files retain their individual identities but are assembled into one PDF Portfolio file. You can open, read, edit, and format each component file independently of the other component files in the PDF Portfolio.

    A PDF Portfolio cannot be displayed directly in a PDF View in Dodeca, but to accommodate the ability to associate a PDF Portfolio with a PDF View and allow the user to optionally open the file in an external viewer, the DetectPortfolioPDF property has been introduced. If the property is set to True, when the view is opened and the PDF document is detected to be an unsupported PDF Portfolio, the user is presented with the following prompt:


    If the user clicks Yes, the Open with dialog is presented, and the user is able to select the external viewer. #2861


    If the DetectPortfolioPDF property is False and a PDF Portfolio is assigned to the view, a placeholder PDF is displayed, which is inserted by Adobe into the portfolio-type documents to show the user when an unsupported viewer is used:


Relational Views

  • Fixed Issue: When auto-filtering is enabled for a data table sheet range and rows are filtered, the data rows added by Add Row and Insert Row tools are visible when the rows should be hidden based on the active filters. #2868

  • Historically, the relational functionality supports the ability to include a formula in a cell (or multiple cells) in the first data row of a data table sheet range in the view template. When the view is built, the formula is automatically copied to all rows within the sheet range; likewise, the formula is also copied to the rows when the data is saved and the sheet range is refreshed to reflect any default or identity values returned from the database or from a post-insert select statement.

    In 7.8.8, two issues have been fixed that are related to formulas within a data table sheet range:

    The first issue occurs when the user enters a formula into a cell in the first data row of a data table sheet range, which does not contain a formula in the view template, and then saves the data. After the data is saved, the formula is copied to all the rows within the sheet range, which overwrites the previous value. In 7.8.8, this no longer occurs, and only formulas in the cells which contain a formula in the view template are copied to all the data rows. #2858

    The second issue occurs when the first data row contains a formula in the view template, and auto-filtering is enabled for the data table sheet range. If the first data row is filtered (i.e. hidden) when changes to the data are saved, the formula is cleared from all the cells in the column after the sheet range is refreshed. #2876

View Selector

  • Fixed Issue: When the Application.ViewSelctorItemToolTipPolicy is configured for the ViewSelectorTree to display both the view’s Name and Description, only the view’s Name is presented in the tooltip. #2835

  • Fixed Issue: When the Excel View Template context menu tool is used to import a view’s Excel binary artifact from the ViewSelectorExplorerBar or ViewSelectorTree, changes to the imported Excel file are not reflected in other instances of the client which are currently open on the same workstation or other workstations. #2850

Workbook Analyzer

  • Fixed Issue: Fixed the following error, which can occur when the Workbook Analyzer is configured to analyze and clean a workbook: Could not copy analysis worksheets from the results workbook to the cleaned workbook. #2852

Workbook Script Debugger

  • Fixed Issue: Exception errors, which are encountered when using the Workbook Script Debugger, are not displayed in the Workbook Script Method Exception dialog. #2849

Workbook Script Editor

  • Fixed Issue: When adding a method, if an invalid method name is entered and the tab key is pressed, the following error is displayed, and the application becomes unresponsive: Unable to update the data value: Value in the editor is not valid. #2887

Workbook Scripting

  • Fixed Issue with ClipboardPasting Event - When Ctrl+V is used to paste a value into a cell(s), the workbook script procedure associated with the ClipboardPasting event link is executed twice. #2856

  • Fixed Issue with AddDataCache Method - When using the DelimitedString overload with an asynchronous Essbase view, the following error occurs: SpreadsheetGear.IWorkbookSet.GetLock must be called to acquire a lock on the workbook set. #2851

  • Fixed Issue with BinaryArtifactOperations Method - When used to create a binary artifact and the VersionPolicy is Last or New and a version of the binary artifact with the same ID does not already exist, the version of the new binary artifact is -1. #2842

  • Fixed Issue with OpenView Method - When the OpenView method is used to open an Essbase view, whose Asynchronous property is set to True, and the method’s Close argument is set to True, the view may close before completing the build. #2853

  • Fixed Issue with SetSelector.Clear method overload, which can result in a Warning: WorkbookSet is locked! message, when the selector is configured as requiring a selection, or the following error message: Object reference not set to an instance of an object., when the selector is configured with selection optional. The error occurs when the view’s toolbars configuration contains the Auto Build tool, which is enabled, and the workbook script calls the SetSelector.Clear method overload within the procedure associated with the SelectorSelectionChanged event link. #2846